Soon after the graduation from the engineering faculty of Manchester university, Alberto Bernabini founded ATHLET’X S.a.s., a company that was initially focused on electronics for fitness appliances. A few years later, A. Bernabini left his part-time role as a professor to fully dedicate himself to his entrepreneurial activity.

The boom in the Italian renewable energy industry constituted a crucial factor for the growth of the firm founded by A. Bernabini. As a consequence, ATHLET’X S.a.s. has been renamed QINT’X S.r.l. and accepted by Intensa San Paolo bank as an official EPC (Engineering‚ Procurement and Construction). The first power plants builts has been a 912 kWp PV project realized in Project Financing for Leasint. In such phase, Qint’x S.r.l. become a group in which several other companies will enter for operations and investments purposes.

The group sustained the growth exploring wind energy. In 2013, A. Bernabini founded GHREPOWER S.r.l., one of the leaders in the Italian wind energy industry, with more than 110 wind turbines of 60 kW capacity installed and maintained. Moreover, the entrepreneur started the internationalization of the group in UK and Asia.

QINT’X HOLDING has been founded to coordinate all the subsidiaries controlled. The group gained shares of ACQUAENERGIA S.r.l. and realized two hydroelectric power plants in the metropolitan area of Bologna. Meanwhile, GHREPOWER S.r.l. e QINT’X S.r.l. focused on the maintenance of the power plants, continuously optimizing the technology for greater performance and savings.

The constant focus on innovation and technology lead A. Bernabini to face a new challenge: to establish group operations in the North American market with a focus on Silicon Valley, epicenter of technology.