Wind power plants

Since 2009, Qint’x has entered the wind sector with the installation of the first turbines, studying and developing innovative technological solutions.

Today it is a leading company in the mini wind sector and deals with the production, installation and maintenance of innovative wind systems in PMDD technology from 60 kW to 120 kW of power.

In 2017, the collaboration with GOLDWIND, world leader in the large wind sector, was started to follow its penetration into the European market and its expansion in Italy. For Goldwind, we took care of the transport and installation of the first 3.6 MW turbines in Sicily for the customer RWE.

In 2018, the AGNES project was launched: a project for the development of renewables in the Adriatic Sea, in particular offshore wind.

In 2019, Qint’x was chosen as a partner by the Dutch EWT, a company specialized in the production and installation of turbines from 500 kW to 1 MW, for the development of new projects and installations in the Italian market.

In 2020, Qint’x signed a MOU with SAIPEM for the co-development of the AGNES project, an energy hub in the Adriatic Sea which includes the first 570 MW of offshore wind in the Adriatic Sea.

To date, Qint’x has participated in the installation of over 120 wind turbines distributed throughout the Italian territory, taking care of their installation and maintenance. It has also dealt with the re-powering of wind power plants not installed directly by the company and is currently developing a series of authorizations for approximately 1 GW of wind power between onshore and offshore.

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